Price Drop and Massive Zombie Driver THD Update

By Exor Studios - Tue, Dec 18, 2012

A major update for Zombie Driver THD is finally available just in time for the holidays! To celebrate the price has temporarily been dropped by 75% - grab it while the offer lasts!

Based on player feedback we completely re-engineered touch screen controls and vehicle handling. All cars are now much more responsive, the analog stick controls are very precise and respond immediately. We also improved support for some controllers, fixed crashes on some devices and improved a few other things.

Full list of changes:
- new, improved touch screen controls and car handling!
- analog stick set as the default control mapping (can be changed in the options menu)
- fixed game pad mapping problems
- fixed corrupted data messages when running out of disk space during content download
- improved stability on some devices
- improved voice overs in some missions
- fixed video playback on some devices