Vizio Debuts 10-Inch Tegra 4 Tablet Prototype

By John Gaudiosi (gamerlive.tv) - Tue, Feb 12, 2013

It looks like gamers will have more than just the Tegra 4-powered Project SHIELD to play new games on. Vizio is planning to introduce a new 10-inch Tegra 4-powered tablet. The tablet features a 2,560 x 1,600 display, 32GB of on-board memory, NFC and dual 5MP/ 1.3MP cameras.

Vizio, which made a name for itself in the TV space, continues to venture into new areas. Last year it showcased computers, for example. With its entry into the tablet space – it also had a prototype for a low-priced 7-inch tablet that doesn’t feature Tegra technology – the company is connecting the enter electronics ecosystem just as movies and games are becoming more connected to TVs.

Visio has demonstrated the tablet by showing a 1080p movie clip to show the multi-angle viewing dynamic of the 10-inch display. The tablet has a soft-touch finish, which should provide a better grip for games, and it has two narrow speaker grilles on the back to bring gaming sounds to life.

Since these are still prototypes, there was no price point or official press release put out for them. It’s likely more information will be coming later this year on this Tegra 4 device.