Vendetta Online Targets OUYA ... With Your Help

By TegraZone - Thu, Feb 21, 2013

Vendetta Online developer Guild Software will be targeting support for the new Android-based OUYA game console! The game has already proven well on NVIDIA Tegra-powered devices. The main development process will include adding support for some of the cool features offered by the OUYA's controller, as well as their purchasing system.

This will mark the first time Guild Software has targeted a console for a launch of Vendetta Online, largely due to the validation requirements and limited update options on traditional console platforms, making frequently-updated games like ours impossible. The open nature of the OUYA with the Android platform avoids this issue and allows them to deliver the same self-updating experience they currently bring to Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and WinRT devices.

Vendetta Online is not usually played on a TV, and as a result the title has not been built around a "10-foot user interface" (the distance from the player to a TV). Guild Software expects this challenge to be simplified thanks to the OUYA's touch-enabled controller and the configurability of our own interface system.

If you'd like to see Vendetta Online come to your OUYA this year, please consider pledging to their Kickstarter: