With Even More Apps, SHIELD TV Streaming Landscape Gets Better

By William O'Neal - Thu, Jan 5, 2017

With the addition of apps like Amazon Video, the SHIELD TV app ecosystem gets a major boost. Since the launch of the original box, SHIELD has consistently been recognized as the best streaming media device on the market. Blazingly fast thanks to the Tegra X1 processor, SHIELD is one of the few streamers to boast support for nearly every high-end feature: from 4K HDR to Dolby Atmos.

What happens with all that technological goodness without the best apps, with all the latest content? The next generation of SHIELD is currently available, and it comes with Amazon Video pre-installed. Current SHIELD owners will also get the app with an upcoming over-the-air software upgrade.

Simply put, SHIELD is THE device for Amazon Prime members, as it was designed to deliver the best experience for customers in the Amazon ecosystem. 4X faster than other streaming devices and able to deliver the snappiest experience for Amazon fans today, SHIELD also supports Amazon Video in 4K HDR.

But of course, Amazon isn’t the only new app to talk about. SHIELD also delivers Netflix streaming up to 4K HDR, YouTube in 4K with immersive 360 degree videos coming, and Google Play Movies and VUDU in 4K. Plus exciting new apps like PlayStation Vue, Twitter, and Comedy Central are now on SHIELD, adding to the thousands of streaming apps already available. We’re sure that with SHIELD, all your streaming needs are covered - plus so much more!

Of course, if you haven’t jumped on the SHIELD bandwagon, what’s stopping you?! Order yours today!

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