Former Call of Duty Lead Developing Ouya Exclusive Game

By NVISION - Wed, Aug 1, 2012

It seems like only yesterday, Robert Bowling was doing amazing things at Infinity Ward, the development studio responsible for the popular Call of Duty franchise. Then Bowling announced that he was parting ways with the studio that made him famous. He formed a new studio, Robotoki, and his team went to work on a new game that is scheduled to arrive in 2015.

More recently, an Android gaming console called Ouya was announced. A Kickstarter campaign soon followed, and to date consumers have pledged more than $5 million to ensure that the hardware becomes a reality. Some people were concerned, though, because the otherwise promising hardware lacks high-profile support. Vague promises that maybe one indie developer or another might bring software to the platform if it performs well enough don’t exactly inspire a lot of confidence.

Recently, Bowling announced something that could easily provide a welcome boost to the Ouya’s building momentum. According to Bowling (and he would know), Robotoki is developing a prequel for Human Element, the zombie survival title that is to serve as the new company’s first major release. The big surprise is that the prequel will be exclusive to the Ouya platform.

“It’s really exciting that Robert not only wants to bring a game to OUYA but that he will build something from the ground up just for us,” Julie Uhrman, CEO and founder of OUYA told NVision. “Our vision for OUYA was that its accessibility, ease of development and publishing would attract creative developers to our platform. Today, with his pledge to develop an episodic prequel for Human Element on OUYA, Robert made that vision a reality."

One of the selling points for Ouya is that you’ll be able to experience part of any title that launches for the platform without paying a single cent. Depending on how the system’s launch goes, an Ouya prequel could help build a lot of hype for the eventual release of the full game, plus it gives Ouya supporters something exciting to look forward to from the untested hardware. Everybody wins. Ooh, yeah!

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