Unreal Powered ‘Wild Blood’ is Equal Parts Beautiful and Bloody

By NVISION - Tue, Sep 4, 2012

Loosely inspired by Arthurian legend, Wild Blood is the first video game from French mobile developer Gameloft to employ Epic Games’ powerful proprietary graphics technology, the Unreal Engine. And it’s clear the moment you lay eyes on the game that its visuals benefit greatly from the tech. It serves as another strong example of how mobile is gradually approaching visual fidelity on par with what you’ll see with some console games.

In Wild Blood, players assume the role of chivalric knight Sir Lancelot, who’s probably best known within King Arthur lore as the guy who betrays Arthur by falling in love with his old lady, Queen Guinevere.

In the game, Arthur has been driven insane by sorceress Morgana, who unfortunately also opens up a gateway to hell, which releases an array of hellions. It’s up to Lancelot to drive the demonic forces back into the pit they crawled out of.

The action unfolds via a third-person perspective, as you lay waste to enemies with either a sword, bow and arrow, or my personal favorite, the axe. As Lancelot, you can unload a variety of combination attacks, including ones powered by magical elements like fire, ice and lightning. Each weapon has its own unique attacks when combined with an element, too.

Wild Blood’s opening level features several outdoor areas like courtyards and cobblestone roads, where you’ll encounter an array of humanoid knights and hellish creatures to strike down.

But your foes can’t be vanquished simply by mindlessly spamming them with your attacks. Strategically striking them with a combination of heavy, light and charged attacks -- while knowing when to block -- are all crucial to your survival (even in this introductory level I died once). In addition to the first level, I also got a peek at a level later on in the game where Lancelot takes control of a ballista to impale a variety of beasties in an underground dungeon. The full game will feature a total of ten different levels to play through.

Wild Blood’s mythology-infused storyline, violence and stunning graphics will undoubtedly draw comparisons to Sony’s God of War franchise, which isn’t a negative thing. In fact, the game captures a similarly epic vibe and scale that should appeal to fans of that franchise and the hack 'n slash genre in general.

Currently, Gameloft hasn’t confirmed a solid release date for Wild Blood, but it promises that Android users will be able to play the game soon.

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