NVISION: Bizarre Tegra 3-Optimized Demons' Score

By NVISION - Fri, Jul 13, 2012

Video games that fall under the “rhythm and music” genre generally aren’t something you can describe as combat-oriented action experiences. But Square Enix’s upcoming mobile title Demons’ Score is anything but your typical music game.

Optimized to run on Tegra 3-powered Android devices, the game features arcade-style, on-rails action. But instead of recklessly showering enemies with hundreds of bullets, the player actually defeats the game's demonic adversaries by tapping on their device's touchscreen to a musical beat.

Demons’ Score producer Takashi Tokita, who directed landmark Square titles including Parasite Eve and Chrono Trigger, explained to NVision that the game's concept originated from the idea of using music as a weapon.

“We had the basic idea of ‘using songs to expose the enemy’s weakness,’” said Tokita, who adds that Demons’ Score’s premise further evolved once developer iNiS came on board. “We thought if we combine [iNiS’s] rhythm game system and their tap and flick input action games, then we could create a dramatic rhythmic action experience.”

The storyline centers on a female college student named Serenity. When the game begins she discovers that demons have taken over her father’s laboratory. In order to save her father, Serenity must drive her demonic foes away with attacks timed to the game's music and the help of her father’s lab assistant David.

Tokita said that one of the biggest challenges of bringing Demons’ Score story to life is ensuring that all of the ideas it blends together works from a gameplay standpoint. He explained that while the team nailed down all the basics during an early alpha version of the game's development, it took time to get everything right.

“We went through a continuous process of iteration until we felt that we had really created something intuitive and compelling,” he said.

Another thing that was important for Tokita and the entire development team behind Demons’ Score is that their game pushes the boundaries of what’s possible on mobile devices from a visual standpoint. Thankfully, the game leverages the power of graphics technology like the Unreal Engine 3 and NVIDIA’s Tegra 3. Tokita noted that playing Demons’ Score on a Tegra 3-powered device affords players with a greater level of detail including rim lighting, shadow mapping, and other visual flourishes.

Tokita explained that reception to Demons' Score has been extremely positive so far, and that he can't wait to release the game on mobile devices. "We’re very excited for players to check out this breakbeat action later this summer," he said.

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